About Scindo... oh my

Scindo will help you figure out your options and estimate your costs

How does it work?
... oh my

Scindo uses publicly available divorce information and user input to continuously improve and predict the outcomes for your divorce.

What does that mean?
As you enter information into Scindo it will provide likely outcomes for your divorce in the following categories:
Alimony amount
Alimony duration
Child support
Division of marital property

Into the nitty gritty....
The Scindo system works by comparing attributes relating to the individuals getting the divorce, details about the duration of their marriage, and information about how they plan to divide resources inside the house and child custody. For example, 88% of the time the spouse that takes ownership of the living room couch will not take ownership of the kitchen household times.

Using these proprietary correlations and information, Scindo helps guide divorcees through the difficult divorce process by providing them likely outcomes for how they will divide their finances and marital property.

Instead of arguing about who gets the Persian rug, the family silver, and the hallway art; couples can choose easily divide property and then make adjustments as they so desire.

Prepare forms, estimate payments, create a parenting and child support plan & more

Some questions we get a lot

Is Scindo legal?
Yes, do you think we would spend this much time discussing it if it wasn't?

Does Scindo work if I have kids?
Yes it does.  If you have children, Scindo will give you help you craft a visitation schedule and understand child support based on your state laws.

Does Scindo work if I don't have a job?
Yes, and it's the cheapest way to get divorced. If you do have a job, we can import your W2 forms to speed along your process.

Why start Scindo?
Divorce is messy and can be as expensive as a wedding if not more, why hasn't technology take over till now? Because machines just started learning faster than ever before and now we can apply it to something as simple as divorce. Oh, and if you know anything about our founder, sometimes he just can't let things go. 

I want to use a lawyer. Can Scindo still help me?
Scindo also provides a toolbox for lawyers to calculate and securely store more complex divorce cases.

Click here to request access.​

How Scindo learns
Divorce is emotional by taking the human elements out and focusing on what people can expect based on the law helps the courts and families make smarter decisions based on machine calculations instead of emotional ones.

*of if you'd like we can file your divorce for you.

How it all got started

We started Scindo because we know - from experience - that Divorce is messy and can be as expensive as a wedding.

After two divorces and several thousand dollars later we decided that it was time to help fix the divorce process for couples who don't want to stay married and don't want to take each other to court.

We use TurboTax for our taxes. We use our iPhone to send money. Why isn't there something like that for divorce?

*of if you'd like we can file your divorce for you.

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