Scindo is Latin for “split”

Splitting-up or divorcing is exhausting and expensive. Scindo changes that.

Leslie Finerman


Leslie is a divorced mom to three young children. She is still trying to process an uncontested divorce after two years and thousands of dollars. With a program like Scindo, she would have had her divorce completed by now and saved thousands of dollars. More importantly, it would have been completed and filed correctly. After a long career in finance, Leslie wanted to build a women-centric business that would help empower other women. She wants to give everyone the chance for a clean break and the ability to start their second act.

Data meets divorce

By analyzing thousands of past divorce cases, paperwork, and filings, we are able to rely on artificial intelligence instead of lawyers for the majority of assessments and estimations required in a divorce proceeding. With Scindo divorce is cheaper, quicker, and easier.

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